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234th Season

Sergei Slonimsky


12 August 1932 in Leningrad.

At the Musical College of Moscow from 1943 until 1950. From 1950 Slonimsky studied at the Leningrad Conservatory: composition under Arapov, Shebalin and Yevlakhov, polyphony under Nicolai Uspensky and piano under Artobolevskaya, Savshinsky and Nielsen.

Folkloristic experiences influence his compositions. Until 1970 he composed 12-tone techniques and used new forms of notations. Later he used jazzforms and new-romantic styleforms.

Two Pieces for viola and piano (1956)
Violin Concerto (1956)

Carnival Overture for orchestra (1957)

Symphony No. 1 in F minor (1958)

LP Melodiya D 025799-800; Yansons (cond)
"Spring Came", song cycle after japanese poets for middle-voice and piano (1958)
Words by Japanese poets.
Suite for Viola and Piano (1959)
LP Melodiya D 15280
"Songs of Freedom", song cycle for mezzo-soprano, baritone and piano (1959)
Words from Russian folk songs.
LP Melodiya D 12669: Yansons (cond), Yureneva, Khramtsov

Sonata for violin solo(1960)
Chromatic Flute and Humoresque for flute (1961) Pastorale and Toccata for organ (1961)

"Songs of the Volnices", song cycle after Russian Folk Themes for mezoo-soprano, baritone and orchestra (1961)

"Songs of Freedom", song cycle for mezzo soprano, baritone and symphony orchestra (1962)

Based on Russian folk songs
Sonata for piano in one movement(1963)
LP Melodiya D 028429
CD Albany Records Troy 135: Sedmara Zakarian Rutstein, piano
"A Voice from the Choir", cantate after Blok for soloists, organ, chorus and orchestra (1963)
Words by A. Blok.
LP Melodiya C 10 08995-96

"Polish Verses", song cycle for mezzo-soprano and flute (1963)
Words by A. Slonimsky.
Three Pieces for cello solo (1964)
"Choreographic Miniatures", balletsenes after L. Jakobson (1964)

"Lyric Verses", song cycle (1964)

Words by E. Rein.
"Dialogues" for wind quintet (1964)
"Three Gracies", variations for piano (1964)

Music to the film "Before the Court of History" (1965)

Concerto-Buffo for chamber orchestra (1966)

For flute, trumpet, percussion and strings.
LP Melodiya D 021387-8: E. Serov (cond)
LP Supraphon 110 1433: Musici di Praga, E. Fischer (cond)

"A Farewell to a Friend", vocal scene for high voice and piano (1966)
Words from the ancient Oriental epic "Gilgamesh".
"Monologues" for soprano, oboe, french horn and harp (1967)
Words of ancient Oriental poets.
Music to the film "Shkid Republic" (1967)
"Virinea", opera in seven acts (1967)

Libretto by S. Tsenin after the novel by L. Seifullina.
First performance in 1967 in Moscow. Revised in 1976.
Two Russian Folk Songs for chorus a cappella (1968)
Music to the film "Intervention" (1968)

"Antiphones" for string quartet (1969)

LP Melodiya C10 07705-6
LP Melodiya A10 00601 002: Leningrad Taneyev Quartet
Six Romances, songs (1969)
Lyrics by A. Akhmatova.
"Northern Landscapes" after V. Rozhdestvensky for chorus a cappella (1969)
Words by V. Rozhdestvensky.
Chromatic Poem for Organ (1969)
Piano Pieces for Children (1970)

"Ivan the Terrible", Russian tragedy in 13 visions with 3 epilogues and overture (1970)

Libretto by Ya. Gordin after historical documents.
CD Ut-Re-A-La UL 96-160: (Overture) St. Petersburg Academic PO, Ravil Martynov (cond)

"Tsar Iksion", monodical drama (1970)
After ancient myth and tragedy by I. Annensky. Libretto by S. Slonimsky.
"Icarus", ballet in three acts (1971)
Libretto by Y. Slonimsky after an ancient Greek myth. Revised in 1976.
First performance in 1971 in Moscow.
LP Le Chant du Monde LDX 78636-7 (2 LP-set): Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra and Chorus, E. Klas (cond)
LP Melodiya C10 08865-8 (2 LP-set): Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra and Chorus, E. Klas (cond)

"Merry Songs" for soprano, piccolo-flute, tuba and percussion (1971)
Lyrics by D. Kharms.
Suite from the ballet "Icarus" in three movements for chorus and orchestra (1971)
LP Eterna 827094: Gamalei (cond)
LP Melodiya C10 07201-2
"Fantasy of Colours" for piano (1972)
"Chorus Plays" for children‘s chorus, boy soloist and two percussion instruments (1972)

Words by A. Vedensky.
LP Melodiya C10 05953-54

"Raindrop Pieces" for Children for piano (1973)
Melody for violin and piano (1973)

"Evening-Music" for chamber chorus (1973)

LP Melodiya C10 13839-40
LP Melodiya C10 09783-84: Chamber Choir, Valentin Nesterov (cond)
Concerto for three electric guitars, solo instruments and symphony orchestra (1974)
"Ten Poems by A. Akhmatova" for singer and piano (1974)

"Four Poems by O. Mandelstam" for singer and piano (1974)

"Dramatic Song" for orchestra (1974)

LP Supraphon 1110 2280: Prague SO, P. Vronsky (cond)
Sonatina-Allegro for horn and piano (1974)
Monolog & Toccata for bass-clarinet and piano (1974)

"I Tell You With Last Frankness", after Mandelstam for chorus a cappella (1974)

Four Russian Songs after russian folk verses for chorus a cappella (1974)

"Festive Music" for balalaika, spoons and symphony orchestra (1975)

"Song of Songs", lyric excerpt for soprano, tenor, chamber chorus, oboe, french horn and harp (1975)

LP Melodiya C10 11483: Nesterov (cond), Pluzhnikov, Melenteva, Novikova
"Minstrel Songs", song cycle in ten movements for soprano, tenor, four flutes and lute (1975)
Words by old French poets (translated by V. Dynnik and A. Naiman).
LP Melodiya C10 11483: Nesterov (cond), Pluzhnikov, Melenteva, Novikova

Transcription of Serenade from the musical "The Street-Song" for piano (1975)
"A Chorus Song" for contralto, flute, oboe, trumpet, balalaika, harmonium, spoons, vibes and three electric guitars (1975)

Words traditional.
Solo-Expressivo for oboe (1975)
Symphonic Motet for orchestra (1976)

Chain and Fugue for organ (1976)

Oratorio suite from the opera "Virinea" for soloists, chorus and orchestra (1976)

Words by S. Tsenin after the novel by L. Seifullina.
"Exotic Suite" for two violins, two electric guitars, saxophone and percussion (1976)
"Legend" for domra and piano (1976)

"Sapev and Interval Signal" for chamber chorus a cappella (1977)

"Quiet Flows the Don", concerto for solo singers and mixed chorus a cappella (1977)

Words from old Kazak songs. After the novel by M. Sholokhov.
"Chain and Merry Rumba" for piano (1977)
"Bashkiric Girl‘s Room", songs after V. Rozhdestvensky for singer, flute and two bongos (1977)

Symphony No. 2 in three movements (1978)

LP Melodiya M10 45651-4 (2 LPs): Khandyan (cond)
LP Melodiya C10 13839-40: Leningrad State Philharmonic Academic SO, G. Rozhdestvensky (cond)
Hungarian March for piano for two duets (1979)
Intermezzo in the memory of Brahms for piano (1980)

Four Romances for mezzo soprano and piano (1980)

Words by A. Blok.
"Mary Stuart", ballad opera in three acts (1980)
Libretto by Y. Gordin after the novel by S. Zweig
LP Melodiya C10 21115 002: Kozhin (cond), Prosalovskaya, Alekseyev, Dumtsev

Musica Lyrica for flute, violin and harpsichord (1981)
"Quiet Music" for flute and symphony orchestra (1981)

LP Melodiya C10 27035 001: Leningrad Shostakovich Philharmonic Society SO, A. Lazarev (cond), A. Vavilina (flute)
Novgorod dance for clarinett, trombone, violoncello, piano, percussions and magnetic tape (1981)
"Diphiramb" for cello ensemble and piano (1982)

Symphony No. 3 in four movements (1982)

Album of Piano Pieces for Children and Youth (1982)

Symphony No. 4 in four movements (1982)

LP Melodiya C10 27035: Leningrad Shostakovich Philharmonic Society SO, I. Gusman (cond)
Choruses (1980-1983)
Words by A. Pushkin, F. Tutchev, S. Orlov, B. Okudjava, A. Chepurov, M. Dudin.
Concerto Primaverile (Spring Concerto) for violin and chamber orchestra in three movements (1983)
LP Melodiya C10 24919: Leningrad PO, V. Ponkin (cond), S. Stadler (violin)
"Dhammapada Verses" for soprano, flute, harp and percussion (1983)
Words from ancient Indian poems.
Four Stasims from Sophockes‘ "Aedipusin Colon" for mixed chorus a cappella (1983)
Symphony No. 5 in three movements (1983)

Symphony No. 6 (1984)

Four Romances for mezzo soprano and piano (1984)

Words by F. Tutchev.
Variations on a theme by Mussorgsky for piano (1984)
Symphony No. 7 in five movements (1984)

Monody "On Reading Euripides" for violin solo (1984)

LP Melodiya C10 24919 009: S. Stadler (violin)
"Master and Margarita", chamber opera in three acts (1970-1985)
Libretto by Y. Dimitrin and V. Fialkovsky after the novel by M. Bulgakov.
Symphony No. 8 for string orchestra, trumpet and bells (1985)
LP Melodiya C10 24919: Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, S. Sondeckis (cond)
Five Romances for mezzo soprano and piano (1985)
Words by M. Lermontov.
Concerto for oboe and chamber orchestra (1985)
Sonata for violin and piano (1986)

"Slavonic Concerto" for organ and string orchestra (1986)

CD Ut-Re-A-La UL 96-160: (Overture) St. Petersburg Academic PO, Ravil Martynov (cond)
Sonata for violoncello and piano (1986)
Symphony No. 9 in two movements (1987)

LP Melodiya A10 00601: Leningrad PO, T. Mynbaev (cond)
"Rubai", five verses by Abdurakhman Djami (1987)
"Nadir‘s Gazelles" for soprano and piano (1988)

Recitative, Aria and Burlesque for flute, piano and percussion (1990)

Six Romances on words by Mandelstam (1990)

"Hamlet" drama per musica in three acts (1990)

Libretto by Ya. Gordin and S. Slonimsky after the Shakespeare‘s tragedy translated by B. Pasternak.
American Rhapsody for two pianos and harpsicord (1990)
"From 5 to 50", five notebooks of piano pieces for two and four hands for pupils of schools, colleges and conservatories (1960-1990)

"Lamento Furioso" to the Memory of Edison Denisov for clarinet, violin and piano (1991)

"Apollo and Mars", symphony for flute and harp (1991)

Symphony No. 10 "Circles of Hell" in nine movements after Dante (1992)

CD Ut-Re-A-La UL 96-160: (Overture) St. Petersburg Academic PO, Ravil Martynov (cond)
Twenty-Four Preludes and Fugues for piano (1994)
"Petersburg Visions" for orchestra (1995)

"Songs of a Failure", five cruel romances for bass, guitar, piano and percussion (1995)

Lyrics by E. Rein.
"On Zhukov‘s Death", ballade for bass, flute, viola, trumpet, cello, piano and percussion (1995)
On lyrics by I. Brodsky.
"Tavern Moscow", three songs for bass, guitar and piano (1995)
On lyrics by Yesenin.
Symphonietta" in three movements (1996)
"Jewish Rhapsody", concerto for piano and orchestra in three movements for flute, piano, strings and percussion (1997)

CD Russian Season 288166: Zilberquit (piano)
"Three Poems by Alexandr Kushner" for soprano, flute and piano (1997)
"Two Romances on Pushkin‘s Poems" (1997)

Concerto for cello and chamber orchestra (1998)

"Six Romances on Lermontov‘s and Derzhavin‘s Poems" (1998)

"Northern Ballade" to the Memory of Grieg for piano (1998)

"One day of Life", cantata for four solists, chorus and chamber ensemble (1998)

(c) Onno van Rijen

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